Hair Styling Products And Their Uses

There are so many hair styling products available in the market that it can be very difficult and confusing while trying to understand which hair styling product will be right for the kind of hair one possesses. Knowing about what each hair styling product can make the hair styling procedure fun and very easy to perform. Most of the hair styling products available in the market can be used both by the women and men but then lot of cosmetic companies have started producing mens exclusive range of hair styling products to encourage them to use such products.

Before using any hair styling product on the hair, everyone should use a quality shampoo and conditioner, which make the hair free from dirt and dust and also adds moisture to the hair so that the hair can deal with the drying effects caused by the hair styling products which is applied later.

Mousses and root volumizers are meant to add volume to the hair. They are light weight products and mousse is applied in the form of foam directly to the length of the hair, while root volumizer in the form of a liquid or spray is applied to the root area of the hair alone. To get the desired effect a round brush and a blow drier are used to make the volume and height increase. While using mousse it is good to use a handful and then distribute it evenly over the hair.

Hair gels are normally used as a firm hold styling product. When applied on a dry hair, it gives a slicked back appearance and when applied on a wet or damp hair it makes it a general styling product. Many gels have shine enhancer and are available in various colors to enhance or match the hair color of the person.

Crmes, pomades, fiber gums or molding pastes are used as finishing hair styling products to hold the hair in place. Such kinds of products are used after the hair is styled. The products are rubbed on the hands and finger combed through the hair to give a pattern or definition, the hairs can be pulled down or kept in place or make them spike up or applied on the roots to produce volume etc. Since the products come with shine enhancers, they give a good and nice finish to the hair style. They also have conditioners and moisturizers to nourish the hair all the day. These products can be used on both short and long hair.

Styling lotions consists of resins which form a film over the hair and aid setting. They also protect the hair from damage caused by heat. They are used for scrunching, roller setting, natural drying and blow drying. When styling lotions for heat setting is used look for the formulations which provide thermal protection to hair.

Finish creams are used for taming fly away hair and they leave a healthy shine to the hair. They are rubbed on the hands and then slicked over the hair to provide natural sleekness and luster to the hair. Finish creams and anti frizz products are specific to various hair colors.